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Scattered is a Sydney-based improvising quintet led by saxophonist and composer Sam Gill. With a unique winds-plus-strings texture, the band's music is full of warm textures of  dreamy lyricism, drawing on Sam's love of contemporary jazz and chamber music.

Following their formation in 2014, the group has performed regularly in Sydney, at venues including Johnston Street Jazz, Jazz Upstairs, Foundry 616, Colbourne Avenue and as part of the Sounds Unsound experimental music series. They were also featured as part of Sam's featured artist programming during the Jazzgroove Association's 2015 Aug/Sep series.

Scattered released their first album, 'Perspectival', in April 2020 on Sam's label Radial Sounds.


Sam Gill - alto saxophone & compositions

Paul Cutlan - Bb & bass clarinets

Luke Sweeting - accordion & piano

Yutaro Okuda - guitar

Jacques Emery - double bass

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