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Sam Gill - alto saxophone & compositions

Paul Cutlan - Bb & bass clarinets

Luke Sweeting - accordion & piano

Yutaro Okuda - guitar

Jacques Emery - double bass

Scattered is a Sydney-based improvising quintet led by saxophonist and composer Sam Gill. The group’s music draws inspiration from the worlds of jazz, chamber music and free improvisation, exploring a unique sound-world that is wholly their own.

Following their debut performance in late 2014, the group was featured as part of Sam's featured artist programming during the Jazzgroove Association's 2015 Aug/Sep series. More recently, they have performed at venues including Johnston Street Jazz, Colbourne Avenue, Foundry 616 and as part of the Sounds Unsound experimental music series.

Scattered released their first album, 'Perspectival', in April 2020 on Sam's label Radial Sounds.


"Gill's conception for his Scattered quintet slices through time and space to combine the freedom and complexity of now with an almost urbane salon aesthetic that could be a century old... the music, laden with a muted sense of disquiet, sounds as fresh as tomorrow."

John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

"Perspectival [is] a subdued chamber jazz recording that merges rigor with indeterminacy, performed with consummate skill... [and a] palpable air of mystery that pervades the recording."

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