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Coursed Waters

Coursed Waters is an improvising quartet led by saxophonist & composer Sam Gill. A cross-city collaboration, the band features Melbourne-based drummer James McLean alongside Sydney’s Novak Manojlovic on piano and Jacques Emery on bass. Their second album is set for release in late 2024.

The band’s music is rhythmically-driven, moving seamlessly between moments of high energy and dramatic sparsity, reveling in compositions featuring multi-layered rhythmic cycles, shimmering harmonies and sprawling melodic arcs.

The band has played a number of shows in Sydney and Melbourne at venues including Venue 505, The Jazz Lab, Project 107, Uptown Jazz Cafe & Foundry616. 

The quartet's first album, Many Altered Returns, was released in April 2018 on Earshift Music. It was nominated for APRA AMCOS/AMC Art Music Award for Annual Excellence: Experimental Music (2018).

Band photo.jpg

Sam Gill - alto saxophone & compositions

Novak Manojlovic - piano

Jacques Emery - double bass

James McLean - drums​​

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